7th Asian Test Symposium, ATS'98


The Seventh Asian Test Symposium
December 2 - 4, 1998, Singapore
Sponsored by
The IEEE Computer Society Test Technology Technical Committee
Computer Chapter of IEEE Singapore Section
Singapore Polytechnic

In Co-Operation with
National University of Singapore
Nanyang Technological University

The Asian Test Symposium provides an annual international forum for
specialists from all over the world, especially from Asia, to present and
discuss various aspects of system, board, and component testing with
design, manufacturing and field considerations in mind. Topics of interest
include, but are not limited to:
- Automatic Test Generation/Fault Simulation - Iddq Test
- Synthesis for Testability / Design for Test - Economics
of Test
- Built-In Self-Test/On-Line Testing -
Mixed Signal Test
- Fault Modelling & Diagnosis -
Electron-Beam Testing
- Simulation and Design Verification -
Failure Analysis
- Software Testing / Software Design for Test

Original technical papers on the above topics are invited. The submission
should not exceed 20 double-spaced pages including figures, and should
include a 50-word abstract and list of 4 to 5 keywords. Authors should
include the complete address, phone/fax numbers and e-mail address, and
designate a contact person and a presenter. The Program Committee also
welcome proposals for panels and special topic sessions. Please submit by
mail five copies of the complete manuscript by April 1, 1998 to:

Mr. Weng-Yew Wong, ATS'98 Secretary
EC Department, Singapore Polytechnic
500 Dover Road, Singapore 139651
Tel. +65 7721473, Fax. +65 7721974, E-mail wongwy(at)sp.ac.sg

The submissions will be considered evidence that upon acceptance the
author(s) will prepare the final manuscript in time for inclusion in the
proceedings and will present the paper at the Symposium.

Submission deadline: April 1, 1998
Notification of acceptance: June 15, 1998
Camera-ready copy: August 1, 1998

For more information, please E-mail to ats98(at)sp.ac.sg
web-page : http://www.sp.ac.sg/ec1/ats98.htm.


Singapore is a vibrant modern city-state of 3 million people and one of
Asia's four economic dragons. Situated at the southern tip of Malaysia and
in the heart of South East Asia, Singapore's geographical location has
helped her become the regional centre for trade, banking, tourism and
communications, with the world's busiest port and an
internationally-acclaimed airport which is consistently voted the world's
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the finest in the world.

Singapore is a place where East meets West. Here you will find Chinese,
Malays, Indians and Eurasians living harmoniously together. English is
spoken everywhere and is the common business language of all.

Singapore has a pleasant, warm climate all year round, with temperatures
ranging from 28(superscript: o)C in the day to 23(superscript: o)C by
night. There is a rainy season from November to January. However, showers
seldom last long and they provide a cool respite.

Few places on earth promise such a delight for the palate, with gourmet
cuisine ranging from Chinese, Malay and Indian to Mexican, Japanese and
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Theme parks, nature reserves and beach resorts are just some of Singapore's
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central position in the South East Asian region and excellent transport
infrastructure also provides quick and easy access to idyllic tropical
retreats in Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore is the tourism hub for tours
and cruises around the region.

For more information on Singapore, please refer to the Singapore Tourist
Promotion Board Web Page at http://www.asia-online.com.sg/sog/stpb.html

Steering Committee

Yong-Khim Swee
Texas Instruments Singapore

Dave Chong Tad-Weng
Singapore Polytechnic

Daniel Chan
National University of Singapore

Meng-Hwa Er
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Organising Committee

General Chairs
Yinghua Min
ICT, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Lee-Yee Lau
Singapore Polytechnic

Program Chairs
Serge Demidenko
Singapore Polytechnic

Kiyoshi Furuya
Chuo University, Japan

Finance Chair
Sudhir Kumar Jhajharia
Singapore Polytechnic

Publicity Chair
Wilson Tan
Texas Instruments Singapore

Publications Chair
Hua-Swee Wang
Singapore Polytechnic

Registration Chair
Lee-Ngo Low, Cassandra
Singapore Polytechnic

Local Arrangement Chair
Teck-Bee Tan-Tay
Singapore Polytechnic

Weng-Yew Wong
Singapore Polytechnic

Industry Liaison
Jagadish C. V.
DVS Technology Singapore

Ex Officio
Asian Test Subcommittee Chair
Kozo Kinoshita

International Liaison

Australia/N.Zealand Liaison
Tharam S. Dillon
La Trobe University, Australia

Canada Liaison
Andre Ivanov
University of British Columbia

Europe Liaison
TIMA Laboratory
HK/Far East Liaison
Joseph Lung
Advance Test Co, Hong Kong

Indonesia Liaison
Harry Sudibyo S.
University of Indonesia

Malaysia Liaison
Chooi-Choo Loke
Intel Technology Sdn Bhd

Halili Abd Ghani
Texas Instruments Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Middle East / Gulf Countries Liaison
Muhammad Khan Dhodhi
Kuwait University

Philippines Liaison
Lito Flores
Electronic Assemblies Incorporated

South / Central America Liaison
Marcelo Lubaszewski
Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil

South Asia Regional Liaison
Syed Mahfuzul Aziz
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology

Taiwan Liaison
Cheng-Wen Wu
National Tsing Hua University

Warren Yu
Texas Instruments Taiwan

USA Liaison
Vishwani D. Agrawal
AT&T Bell Laboratories

Program Committee

V.D. Agrawal J. Abraham A.P. Ambler
R.G. Bennets M. Bushnell S.T. Chakradar
T. Chen B. Cockburn C. Dislis
H. Fujiwara A. Ginige A. van de Goor
H. Hiraishi W. K. Huang A. Ivanov
B. Kaminska H.G. Kerkhoff C. Landrault
C.L. Lee Z. Li H. Ma
M. Nikolaidis S.H. Ong V. Piuri
S.M. Reddy M. Sami J. Savir
S. Sherlekar M. Soma S.Sunter
Y. Takamatsu J. Thong P. Varma
X. Wen M. Wong C.W. Wu
S. Xu T. Yamada V. Yarmolik
M. Yoshida Tim Cheng

The Seventh Asian Test Symposium
December 2 - 4, 1998
Hilton International Singapore
Plenary Sessions
Chair: V.Agrawal, AT&T Bell Labs, USA

Keynote Address
December 3, 8.00am - 10.00am
Keynote Speaker :Dr. T. W. Williams
Director of Research and Development, Test Technology
Synopsys, Inc.
Title : The New Frontier for Testing: Nano Meter Technologies
Session 1A : BIST I
December 3, 10.30am - 12.30pm
Chair: C. Landrault, LIRMM, France

1.BIST Diagnostic: Simulation Models
J. Savir Ð New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
2.Configuring Arithmetic Pattern Generators and Response Compactors from the RT-Modules of a Circuit
F. Mayer, A. Stroele - Uni of Karlsruhe, Germany
3.Test Cycle Count Reduction in a Parallel Scan BIST Environment
B. Ayari - Duet Technologies, USA, P. Varma Ð Veritable, USA
4.A BIST Scheme for Asynchronous Logic
V. C. Alves, F. M. G. Franca, E. P. Granja - Uni Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5.A Methodology for Minimum Area Cellular Automata Generation
P. S. Cardoso, M. Strum, J. R. de A. Amazonas, J. C. Wang - Uni de Sao Paulo, Brazil


December 3, 10.30am - 12.30pm
Chair: B.Courtois, TIMA-INPG, France

1.A High-Level Synthesis Method for Weakly Testable Data Paths
M. Inoue, T. Higashimura - NAIST, Japan, K. Noda - NEC, Japan, T. Masuzawa, H. Fiujiwara - NAIST, Japan
2.Alleviating DFT Cost Using Testability Driven HLS
M. L. Flottes, R. Pires, B. Rouzeyre - LIRMM, France
3.Reliability-Oriented HW/SW Partitioning & Verification for Critical-Application Systems
F. Vargas, E. Bezerra, L. Wulff, D.B. Junior Ð Catholic Uni Ð PUCRS, Brazil
4.An Efficient Procedure for Obtaining Implication Relations and Its Application to Redundancy Identification
H. Ichihara - Osaka Uni, S. Kajihara - Kyushu Inst of Technology, K. Kinoshita - Osaka Uni
5.Economical Importance of the Maximum Chip Area
J. Hirase - Matsushita Electric Industrial, Japan


December 3, 10.30am - 12.30pm
Chair: Eran Weis, Chip Eye Technology, Israel

1.A Probabilistic Model for Path Delay Faults
C. W. Wu, C. Y. Su Ð National Tsing Hua Uni, Taiwan
2.A New Low-Cost Approach for Identifying Untestable Path Delay Faults
Z. Li, Y. Min - Inst of Computing Technology, China, R. K. Brayton - Uni of California at Berkeley, USA
3.False-Path Removal Using Delay Fault Simulation
M. A. Gharaybeh - Synopsys, USA, V. D. Agrawal - Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, USA, M. L. Bushnell -
Rutgers Uni, USA
4.ATPG for At-Speed Robust Path Delay Fault Testing
Y. C. Hsu, S. K. Gupta - Uni of Southern California, USA
5.Delay Testing with Double Observations
H. Li, Z. Li, Y. Min - Inst of Computing Technology, China


December 3, 1.30pm - 3.30pm
Chair: C-L.Lee, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

1.On a Logical Fault Model HISGLF for Enhancing Defect Coverage
J. Sang, T. Shinogi, H. Takase, T. Hayashi - Mie Uni, Japan
2.Diagnosis of Single Gate Delay Faults in Combinational Circuits using Delay Fault Simulation
H. Takahashi, K. O. Boateng, Y. Takamatsu - Ehime Uni, Japan
3.On the Determination of Threshold Voltages for CMOS Gates to Facilitate Test Pattern Generation and Fault
K. J. Lee, J. J. Tang, W. Y. Duh - National Cheng-Kung Uni, Taiwan
4.Fault Characterization of Low Capacitance Full-Swing BiCMOS Logic Circuits
S. M. Aziz - Bangladesh Uni of Engineering & Technology


Chair: C. Messom, Dubai Polytechnic, UAE

1.Rough-Hierarchical Testing for Safety Critical Software
H. Tu, F. Wu, X. Ren - Shanghai Tiedao Uni, China
2.A Structured Testing Approach for DSP Software
E. M. La Fosse - Motorola, Singapore


December 3, 1.30pm - 3.30pm
Chair: C.V. Jagadish, DVS Technology, Singapore

1.IDDQ Testing of Submicron CMOS by Cooling
V. Szekely, M. Rencz, S. Torok - Technical Uni of Budapest, Hungary, B. Courtois - TIMA Lab, France
2.IDDQ Test Methodology & Tradeoffs For Scan/Non-Scan Designs
M. R. Patel, S. Pico, J. Fierro - Intel, USA
3.Design for Diagnosability of CMOS Circuit
X. Wen - SynTest Technologies, USA, T. Honzawa, H. Tamamoto - Akita Uni, K. K. Saluja - Uni of Wisconsin
Madison, USA, K. Kinoshita - Osaka Uni
4.IDDQ Defect Detection in Deep Submicron CMOS ICs
S. Kundu - Intel, USA
5.ATE Features for IDDQ Testing
M. G. Faust - Credence, USA


December 3, 1.30pm - 3.30pm
Chair: W.Moorhead, Teradyne, Singapore

1.A New Technique to Ensure Quality of Test Patterns
P. C. Koo, S. L. Pang - Siemens Components, Singapore
2.Functional Testing of CPU Based Boards Using Bus Cycle Signature System
S. R. Sabapathi - Qmax Technologies, Singapore
3.Non-Intrusive Testing of High-Speed CML Circuits
V. Devdas, A. Ivanov - Uni of British Columbia, Canada
4.Testing of Line-Coupled Emissions
L. Bai, W. H. Chong - EMC Test Centre, Singapore
5.Fast Window Test Method of Hysteresis Test
T. Corpuz - Teradyne, Philippines
6.PC-Based Hard Disk Drive Bode-Plot Generator
K. W. Choo, G. Guo - Data Storage Institute, Singapore, B. M. Chen - National Uni of Singapore


December 3, 4.00pm - 5.30pm
Chair: K. Hatayama, Hitachi, Japan

1.An Optimal Time Expansion Model Based on Combinational ATPG for RT Level Circuits
T. Inoue - NAIST, Japan, T. Hosokawa - Matsushita Electric Industrial, Japan, T. Mihara, H. Fujiwara - NAIST,
2.Static Test Compaction for Scan-Based Designs to Reduce Test Application Time
Pomeranz, S. M. Reddy - Uni of Iowa, USA
3.A Non-Scan DFT Method for Controllers to Achieve Complete Fault Efficiency
S. Ohtake, T. Masuzawa, H. Fujiwara - NAIST, Japan
4.Complete Search in Test Generation for Industrial Circuits with Improved Bus-Conflict Detection
J. Th. Van der Linden, M. H. Konijnenburg, Ad J. van de Goor - Delft Uni of Technology, The Netherlands


December 3, 4.00pm - 5.30pm
Chair: M.Wong, HK Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

1.On Testing of Josephson Logic Circuits Consisting of RSFQ Dual-Rail Logic Gates
T. Yamada, T. Hanashima, Y. Suemori - Meiji Uni, Japan
2.Testing for Floating Gates Defects in CMOS Circuits
S. Rafiq, A. Ivanov, S. Tabatabei - Uni of British Columbia, Canada, M. Renovell - LIRMM, France
3.Advanced Test and Diagnosis for Deep Submicron ICs and Embedded Cores
S. P. Athan, J. L. Kurtz, J. Cowdery - Uni of Florida, USA
4.Electron Beam Tester Aided Fault Diagnosis for Logic Circuits Based on Sensitized Paths
N. Yanagida - Kaminomoto, Japan, H. Takahashi, Y. Takamatsu - Ehime Uni, Japan


December 3, 4.00pm - 5.30pm
Chair: S. Yano, Kochi University of Technology, Japan

1.BIST TPG for Combinational Cluster Interconnect Testing at Board Level
C. H. Chiang, S. K. Gupta - Uni of Southern California, USA
2.Fault Detection in a Tristate System Environment
W. Feng, W. K. Huang, F. J. Meyer, F. Lombardi - Texas A&M Uni, USA
3.Comprehensive Interconnect BIST Methodology for Virtual Socket Interface
C. Su, Y. T. Chen - National Central Uni, Taiwan
4.A DFT Methodology for High-Speed MCM Based on Boundary-Scan Techniques
Y. Sameshima, T. Fukazawa - NTT, Japan


December 4, 8.15am - 9.45am
Chair: M. Jacomet, Biel School of Engineering, Switzerland

1.SRAM-Based FPGAÕs: Testing the Interconnect/Logic Interface
M. Renovell, J.M. Portal - LIRMM, France, J. Figueras - Uni Politecnica de Cataluya, Spain, Y. Zorian -
LogicVision, USA
2.Built-In Self-Test for Multiple CLB Faults of a LUT Type FPGA
N. Itazaki, F. Matsuki, Y. Matsumoto, K. Kinoshita - Osaka U, Japan
3.A Diagnosis Method for Interconnects in SRAM Based FPGAs
Y. Yu, J. Xu, W. K. Huang - Fudan Uni, China, F. Lombardi - Texas A&M Uni, USA
4.Testing and Diagnosis of Interconnect Structures in FPGAs
S. J. Wang, C. N. Huang - National Chung - Hsing Uni, Taiwan


December 4, 8.15am - 9.45am
Chair: S.M. Azis, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh

1.An Approach to the On-Line Testing of Operational Amplifiers
J. Velasco-Medina - TIMA/INPG, France, M. Lubaszeswski - UFRGS, Brasil, M. Nicolaidis - TIMA Lab, France
2.Self-Dual Duplication for Error Detection
VI. V. Saposhnikov, V. V. Saposhnikov - Railway Transportation State Uni, Russia, A. Dmitriev, M. Goessel -
Uni of Potsdam, Germany
3.On-Line Error Detection Schemes for a Systolic Finite-Field Inverter
Y. C. Chuang, C. W. Wu - National Tsing Hua Uni, Taiwan
4.Fault Tolerance of a Tree-Connected Multiprocessor System and Its Array-Like Layout
S. Nakano, N. Kamiura, Y. Hata - Himeji Inst of Technology, Japan


December 4, 8.15am - 9.45am
Chair: H. Tamamoto, Akita University, Japan

1.Observation Time Reduction for IDDQ Testing of Bridging Faults in Sequential Circuits
Y. Higami - Osaka Uni, Japan, K. K. Saluja - Uni of Wisconsin Madison, USA, K. Kinoshita - Osaka Uni, Japan
2.An Off-Chip Current Sensor for IDDQ Testing of CMOS ICs
Md. Altaf-Ul-Amin, Z. Md. Darus - Uni Kebangsaan, Malaysia
3.Integrated Current Sensing Device for Micro IDDQ Test
K. Nose, T. Sakurai - Uni of Tokyo, Japan
4.A High Speed IDDQ Sensor for Low-Voltage ICs
M. Hashizume, M. Ichimiya, T. TamesadaÐU of Tokushima, Japan, Y. Miura-Tokyo Metropolitan U, Japan, K.
Kinoshita - Osaka U, Japan


December 4, 10.15am - 12.30pm
Chair: W. Tan, Texas Instruments, Singapore

1.Power Analysis of DRAMs
J. Vollrath, M. Huebl, E. Stahl - Siemens AG, Germany
2.Consequences of Port Restrictions on Testing Address Decoder Faults in Two-Port Memories
S. Hamdioui, A. J. van de Goor - Delft Uni of Technology, The Netherlands
3.March LA: A Test for All Linked Memory Faults
J. van de Goor, G. N. Gaydadjiev - Delft Uni of Technology, The Netherlands, V. N. Yarmolik, V. G. Mikitjuk
State Uni of Informatics & Radioelectronics, Belarus
4.Dynamic Power Supply Current Testing of CMOS SRAMs
J. Liu - Fujitsu, USA, R. Z. Makki - Uni of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA, A. Kayssi - American Uni of
Beirut, Lebanon
5.March PS(23N) Test for DRAM Pattern-Sensitive Faults
V. Yarmolik, Yu. Klimets - State Uni of Informatics & Radioelectronics, Belarus, S. Demidenko - Singapore Poly,


December 4, 10.15am - 12.30pm
Chair: B Kaminska, OPMAXX, USA

1.Dynamic Test Set Generation for Analog Circuits and Systems
Sam Huynh, S. Kim, M. Soma, J. Zhang - Uni of Washington, USA
2.DC Nonlinear Circuit Fault Simulation With Large Change Sensitivity
M. Wong, M. Worsman - Hong Kong Polytechnic Uni, HK
3.BISTing Switched-Current Circuits
M. Renovell, F. Azais, J. C. Bodin, Y. Bertrand - LIRMM, France
4.Analog Module Metrology Using MNABST-1 P1149.4 Test Chip
Y. T. Chen, C. Su - National Central Uni, Taiwan
5.A Methodology and Design for Effective Testing of Voltage-Controlled Oscillators (VCOs)
F. Azais - LIRMM, France, A. Ivanov - Uni of British Columbia, Canada, M. Renovell, Y. Bertrand - LIRMM,
6.Theory and Application of Multiple Attractor Cellular Automata For Fault Diagnosis
K. Paul, A. Roy, P. K. Nandi, B. N. Roy, M. D. Purkayastha, S. Chattopadhyay, P. P. Chaudhuri - Bengal
Engineering College, India


December 4, 10.15am - 12.30pm
Chair: Y. Iguchi, Yukihiro, Meiji University, Japan

1.Formal Design Techniques - Theory and Engineering Reality
C. Dislis, G. Musgrave, R. B. Hughes - Abstract Design Automation, UK
2.Verification of Asynchronous Circuit with Bounded Inertial Gate Delays
G. Jie, Eddie Wong - Nanyang Technological Uni, Singapore
3.Verification Pattern Generation for Core-Based Design Using Port Order Fault Model
S.-W. Tung - Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan, J.-Y. Jou - National Chiao Tung Uni, Taiwan
4.Application of Real-Time Temporal Logic to Design Fault Detection in Responsive Communication Protocols
S. Nagano, H. Fujita, Y. Kakuda, T. Kiku
5.Design and Simulation of a RISC-Based 32-Bit Embedded On-Board Computer
Z. Guo, Li He, S. Guo, D. Wong - Beijing Inst of Control Engineering, China
6.Improving Design Robustness With the Aid of Simulation and Statistical Techniques
S. Mozar - Singapore Poly, Singapore, P. Hodgson - Deakin Uni, Australia

Session 6A : BIST II

December 4, 1.30pm - 3.30pm
Chair: M. Lubaszewski, University of Porto Alegre, Brazil

1.A Ring Architecture Strategy for BIST Test Pattern Generation
C. Fagot, O. Gascuel, P. Girard, C. Landrault - LIRMM, France
2.Exploiting BIST Approach For Two-Pattern Testing
X. Li, Paul Cheung - Uni of Hong Kong, HK
3.Low Power Built-In Self-Test
C. P. Ravikumar - Indian Institute of Technology, India, N. S. Prasad - Centre for Development of Telematics,
4.A BIST structure to Test Delay Faults in a Scan Environment
P. Girard, C. Landrault, V. Moreda, S. Pravossoudovitch, A. Virazel - LIRMM, France
5.An Examination of PRPG Selection Approaches for Large, Industrial VLSI Designs
Bayraktaroglu - Uni of California at San Diego, USA, K. Udawatta - Intel, USA, A. Orailoglu - Uni of California at
San Diego, USA


December 4, 1.30pm - 3.30pm
Chair: H.Fujiwara, Nara Institute of Science & Technology, Japan

1.Test Generation for Synchronous Sequential Circuits Reduce Storage Requirements
Pomeranz, S. M. Reddy - Uni of Iowa, USA
2.Partitioning and Reordering Techniques for Static Test Sequence Compaction of Sequential Circuits
M. S. Hsiao - Rutgers Uni, USA, S. T. Chakradhar - NEC, USA
3.Vector Restoration Using Accelerated Validation and Refinement
S. K. Bommu, K. B. Doreswamy, S. T. Chakradhar - NEC, USA
4.On Speeding-Up Vector Restoration Based Static Compaction of Test Sequences for Sequential Circuits
R. Guo, I. Pomeranz, S. M. Reddy - Uni of Iowa, USA
5.Synthesis of Sequential Circuits with Clock Control to Improve Testability
K. L. Einspar - Concordia College, USA, S. K. Mehta, S. C. Seth - Uni of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA


December 4, 1.30pm - 3.30pm
Chair: Q-F. Chen, Beijing Institute of Automatic Test Technology, China

1.A Test Pattern Generation Algorithm Exploiting Behavioral Information
S. Chusano, F. Corno, P. Prinetto - Politecnico di Torino, Italy
2.A Diagnostic Test Generation Procedure for Combinational Circuits Based on Test Elimination
Pomeranz - Uni of Iowa, USA, W. K. Fuchs - Purdue Uni, USA
3.Special ATPG to Correlate Test Patterns for Low-Overhead Mixed-Mode BIST
M. Karkala, N. A. Touba - Uni of Texas at Austin, USA, H.-J. Wunderlich - Uni of Stuttgart, Germany
4.Test Pattern Generation for Column Compression Multiplier
P. Zheng, Z. Mao, Y. Ye and Y. Deng - Harbin Inst of Technology, China
5.Counter Random Testing
S. Xu - Shanghai Uni, China

Panel Discussions

December 4, 4.00pm - 5.30pm

Panel 1 :
Title: Microsystem Testing: Challenge or Common Knowledge ?
Organizer: H. Kerkhoff, MESA - University of Twente, The Netherlands

Panel 2 :
Title: Testing Embedded Memories: Is BIST the Ultimate Solution?
Organizer: C.W. Wu, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Post Symposium Social Function

December 4, 7.00pm - 10.00pm

Optional Social function (Advanced Booking only)
Asia-Pacific Brewery visit cum dinner

The program includes an AV presentation on Asia Pacific Brewery and its activities. This is followed by a tour of the
Brew House and then a seafood dinner at the Tiger Tavern with free flow of beer straight from the Brew House.
Transportation will be provided to and from Hilton Hotel. Cost is US$30 per person.